Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Intelligentsia @Cooks County

Intelligentsia Coffee Debuts 

at Cooks County

We’re very thrilled to announce that Cooks County will now proudly serve Intelligentsia Coffee. We’re excited about this new development for many reasons, the most important being that Intelligentsia holds their growers in the same esteem as Daniel & Roxana hold the farmers and ranchers who provide our restaurant with top quality meats and produce. The raw ingredients are the star of the show.

When we asked the folks at Intelligentsia to tell us about this commitment they explained that as coffee roasters there was a limit to how much impact they could have on quality. “This is something that most accomplished chefs learn from day one of culinary school.” It’s the quality of the raw ingredients that defines the quality ceiling of what is ultimately produced. Potential is limited by the quality of the green coffees used, not by the roast style or blending expertise or any other clever processing technique. While these things are of course critical in allowing a coffee to reach its true quality potential, the quality of the ingredient will always be the limiting factor. “It is easy to destroy a great coffee through poor roasting, yet it is impossible to make a poor coffee great through excellent roasting.”

Partner Roxana Jullapat says, "Access to good coffee is a basic human right, just like access to drinkable water and freedom of expression." So, as you can see (pictured below) uur staff is very happy with this new development.We hope you will be too!

To find out more fascinating facts about Intelligentsia Coffee we highly recommend watching some of their videos. To find out how delicious their coffee is, we highly recommend coming in to Cooks County and trying some!

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